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We, TKC BODY DESIGN is a  physical care clinic that provides the acupuncture and massage therapy for pain relief and functional improvement.  

We provide professional treatment as Athletic trainers and therapists for clients who aspire to improve their health and well- being.

We support clients who are eager to perform better at work and their professional sports.

We help clients recover from injuries, eliminate pain, and improve dysfunction, with old / new injuries and chronic trauma.

Who comes to TKC ?

・To improve athletic performances 

・For sports injuries and injury prevention

・For musculoskeletal pain of the shoulder, back, knee, legs and neck

・For stiff or sore muscles

・For herniated discs, and sciatica 

・For fatigue / tension headache 

・For a professional organic natural approach to pain relief

Treatment &Fees

・  30min   (head&Face&Jaw)           ¥  6,600

・  60min   ( Short)     ¥ 11,000

・  90min   ( Basic)     ¥ 16,500

・120min   ( Special)  ¥ 22,000

 ※ Not covered by insurance

Office Hours

Mon- Sat 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Sun, Holiday : closed

2-16-21-B1 ,Taira-machi,
Meguro,Tokyo,  zip 152-0032


E- mail :info@tkc-bodydesign.com 
TEL: 03-5726−8437   
LINE : 686gaxin

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